The Web

by SU

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released June 20, 2017

Music and lyrics by SU



all rights reserved


SU Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: The Web
In the dark we’re knitting
With wires we harness
Waiting for the morning dew
To fall on our creation

Stalking for our prey
In our geometrical castle
Cyclical building
Followed by destruction

All connections
Exist before we create them
The threads we follow
Ancestral body wisdom

In the dark we’re knitting
The wires we harness
Masters of our prey
The shadows of destruction
Track Name: The Way of Walking Alone
Schizophrenic papers
That rule all of our hours
Fake people faking emotions
Will eat your heart for a motion

Be fit, be gentle, be square
Less anger and more prayers
Sit down, don’t think too much
Get numb, get drunk, get touched

Don’t ask too many questions
Dance away with your demons
There’s no time for revolution
Between bills and vacations

Competition and violence
Big egos but no substance
Fulfilled but unsatisfied
Nothing can satiate your pride

Double standards on your plates
But death has such a great taste
Go ahead and close your eyes
Run around until you die

Seek nothing outside of yourself
Everything is within
Seek nothing outside of yourself
Everything exists
Track Name: More than Meets the Eye
You’re taught to only believe what you see
Illusions built on facts and certainty
Constructing walls around your authenticity
Living your life without a sense of unity

Follow the route of the unseen
Your soul knows the way
Give up on all the illusions
That would lead you astray

Days went by and your eyes were closed
Was all of this really the life you chose?
Then you stopped and looked inside yourself
To find mysterious things on a forgotten shelf

Follow the route of the unseen
Your heart knows the way
Material living is limited
To the rules we obey
Track Name: Funerals
Alan Watts sample :
“What is your state of mind
When you contemplate
The possibility
Of everything become nothing?”

I came here to say goodbye
Now you see me, but this is the last time
There are moments when you need to let go
Let go of the things that you used to know

I’m tired of living in discomfort
Sleepless nights and thoughts that hurt
Desperate to find people to connect to
Drowned in the blood of a heart that is blue

It’s a part of me that dies
Identity cast aside
As I leave it all behind
Funerals for the mind

Alan Watts sample :
“The most frightening thing about death
Is there might be something beyond it”